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Making sure your HVAC system is kept in perfect working order requires scheduling regular maintenance. Austin Chimney Sweeps & Duct Cleaning is a leading company for HVAC services in the Austin, TX area. It is important for you to know what you can expect from your annual inspection.

Full Inspection

Upon arrival your technician will do a full inspection of your system. We will look over the indoor and outdoor aspects of your system in order to know what issues need to be addressed immediately. Austin Chimney Sweeps & Duct Cleaning spends time inspecting the cleaning conditions in the HVAC system and ductwork for contaminants. If your filtration is not working properly, it is likely your HVAC system has collected more dust and debris than usual.


System Cleaning

Cleaning your system is one of the most important steps to regular maintenance of your HVAC system. Without a clean system, your HVAC will not work properly, and your home will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature. Along with proper inspection of your unit, your technician will also inspect your ductwork for dust and/or debris buildup. Some of the moving parts, like your fan blades, may also need to be cleaned up.

Tend to Serious Issues

After a full inspection and cleaning of your entire HVAC system, your technician will make you aware of any issues they may have encountered. If there is a larger issue that has shown up, we here at Austin Chimney Sweeps & Duct Cleaning are more than happy to assist you with finding a replacement and scheduling a time for installation. If there are minor issues, your technician will be able to take care of those on the same day.

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